Choose Healthtime!

Not summertime, not wintertime, but healthtime!

That is, our own natural Western European time zone for Western Europe:

Europa timezones

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What exactly is ‘summertime’ vs 'wintertime’? What are bi-annual clock changes, seasonal changes of time and time zones? How and why does all this have such a big impact on our health, safety and well-being?

We explain all this and more in our position paper 'Timing is everything', downloadable from the sidebar to the right or below.

You can check out the table of contents and read about us here and a list of interesting articles and research links from our paper's references can be found under Resources.

RIVM conclusions

On October 15th 2019, the Dutch Royal Institute For Public Health and Environment (RIVM) clearly concludes in its report 'Standard time, summer time and health' (now available in English translation, the abstract also in French and German) that:

Clock changes are unhealthy

According to the RIVM, standard time (UTC + 1) is better for public health than "summer time" (UTC + 2) and it would be even better if the Netherlands used its own geographical time zone (UTC).

This advice corresponds with the conclusions of our position paper, in which we explain why abolishing DST-changes and

switching to our own time zone is also a win-win solution for the rest of Western Europe.

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